Saguaro Photo Art Project 2012

My Saguaro Piece was the the second piece I have created. It stands 8'9" tall and 2' wide. I designed this piece, took the photos and built the custom frame. It took me about 7 days from start to finish. This piece is available for purchase.

First of many Photography Art Projects

I am working on a series of art pieces. They are a collection of close up photos that together create what looks like one photo. I took the photos and I also created the custom frame.

Robot Band SD Zoo 2012

This guys were some sort of robotic musical group. Cool costumes. 

Angelique The Living Music Box

This lovely young lady does performance art down at Seaport Village in San Diego. I have not been down there in many years but saw her back then. While down at a festival this weekend I ran into her again doing her thing. Well I had to hang out and take some photos. Perfect subject.

Desert View Tower 2012

I have been traveling back and forth between Arizona and California for some time. It was only recently that I noticed a strange looking tower as I climbed into the mountains just before dropping down into San Diego. This little place is just off the 8. So I finally had time on my last trip to search around for this thing. And I found it. I will definitely have to visit again.

Humming Birds

It was a cloudy and windy day in San Diego. I was out and about taking shots down by the beach. Just cruising around along some of the dirt paths that gave me a view of the cliffs to the ocean. Along the way I met a fellow photograph named Alex that pointed these little guys out. I ended up staying most of my time to try and get a nice shot of the mom feeding the babies.

Lost in Time Jan 2012

I have seen these building many times as I travel from Arizona to California. They seem to be lost in time. Just off a busy freeway there is really no reason to stop in this area. So they just sit and try not to be erased by time and the elements. I have always wanted to stop and photographic it but usually I have my son or dog with me. I wanted to have plenty of time to stop and capture the shots I wanted. So I was able to on my recent trip. It is along Interstate 8 at Aztec Dr. This is just before the Dateland excite as you head West.