My Audi Jan 2010

So we had some very nice storms this year. The sky was looking amazing. I had sometime to kill before picking up my son. So I drove around to find some raised parking structures to get a more birds eye view of the landscape. Noticed all the water that had collected and thought I would just make my Laser Red Audi S4 my model. She is a beautiful lady.

Halloween Shoot Oct 2009

I loved my son's puppy costume. I thought I would do a photo shoot of him. I also took some shots similar to the ones I took of my dog so I could frame them together later.

My Son by the Lake Nov 2009

I wanted to do a photo shoot of my handsome little man. I thought I would take advantage of the nice water fall feature into the near by lake.

Photo Retouch/Editing

Adjusting levels and saturation. Removing blemishes from adult face, adding more detail to dog and removing umbrella.

Adjusting levels and saturation. Adding instant tan to female, removing family behind couple. Extending picture to add in message in sand.

Adjusting levels and saturation. Adding in heart shape under couple.

Adjusting levels and saturation. Opening eyes, removing gentleman and adding female on right.

In this shot she just needed a now ex taken out of a photo she really liked.


Sky Song Arizona July 2010

I ran across this place when I was driving home from dropping off my son. I came back to catch a sunset. Now that the Monsoons are getting close there is much more interest in the sky and sunset. I will definitely have to come back to catch more great angles.