Lost in Time Jan 2012

I have seen these building many times as I travel from Arizona to California. They seem to be lost in time. Just off a busy freeway there is really no reason to stop in this area. So they just sit and try not to be erased by time and the elements. I have always wanted to stop and photographic it but usually I have my son or dog with me. I wanted to have plenty of time to stop and capture the shots I wanted. So I was able to on my recent trip. It is along Interstate 8 at Aztec Dr. This is just before the Dateland excite as you head West.

Barrett Jackson Car Show Jan 2012

Got to love the Barrett Jackson car show. So much beauty in one location. So many fantasy rides that we shall only be able to look at. Come on Lottery!

Sky Song Dec 2011

Skysong is such an interesting place to visit and photograph. I wondered if it was as cool on the inside. I got a sneak peak and was equally impressed. Will have to grab more shots later.