Angelique The Living Music Box

This lovely young lady does performance art down at Seaport Village in San Diego. I have not been down there in many years but saw her back then. While down at a festival this weekend I ran into her again doing her thing. Well I had to hang out and take some photos. Perfect subject.

Desert View Tower 2012

I have been traveling back and forth between Arizona and California for some time. It was only recently that I noticed a strange looking tower as I climbed into the mountains just before dropping down into San Diego. This little place is just off the 8. So I finally had time on my last trip to search around for this thing. And I found it. I will definitely have to visit again.

Humming Birds

It was a cloudy and windy day in San Diego. I was out and about taking shots down by the beach. Just cruising around along some of the dirt paths that gave me a view of the cliffs to the ocean. Along the way I met a fellow photograph named Alex that pointed these little guys out. I ended up staying most of my time to try and get a nice shot of the mom feeding the babies.